Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Into Spring with Beadweaver's Big Book Give-Away!

Great New Books for Beadweaver's SPRING Big Book Giveaway!

I've got some great new books to share with the readers of Beadweaver. These are *mostly* bead weaving books (Yay!). There are 7 titles in all, so stay tuned! Up first - and no small feat - is Beading Across America edited by Paulette Baron, Amy Katz, and Sherry Serafini and featuring works from 30 artists across the U.S.

Beading Across America: Jewelry Inspirations from Coast to Coast.

Beading Across America features a compilation of a large variety of artist's styles and designs brought together in one place. The only other recent, novel beading book* that presents individual artist's works along with detailed instructions for completion is Valerie Hector's The Art of Beadwork. The difference with this book is that the work has a very strict contemporary focus: the artists are currently very active in the U.S. beading community, the work presented has a very popular focus, and the projects are mostly beginner and intermediate level projects.

The projects presented run the gamut from very simple such as Jeannette Shanigan's Moose Forget-Me-Not Pin, to the complex - Louise Hill's gorgeous Paradise Pendant. I was very excited to see Laura McCabe's Eiffel Tower Ring (Partly because of the French theme, partly because I love that design!) and to see the many well known artists presented in this book. Among them: Diane Hyde, Heidi Kummli, Louise Hill, Sherri Haab - just to name a few. Many popular techniques used in off-loom weaving can be found amongst the projects - or at least a variation of them. The graphics are great and the step by step instructions are detailed enough to guide most beaders through the projects to completion - that's quite a feat when you consider that there are 30 individual artisan pieces! While some projects may appear to be familiar to viewers, the vast majority of them were newly designed for this book.

Also included in this book is a brief bio about each artist and a comment the artist has written pertaining to the project at hand. It adds a personal touch to their work and gives us a glimpse inside their lives as bead artists.

I think this is a "Must Have" addition to any bead weaving library.  It's full of little treasures :)

How You Can Win A Copy
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For any questions about Beadweaver's Big Book Give-aways, please read the comments below for the FAQs. Good Luck!
*excludes books that are compilations of already printed projects. 


SuzyQ said...

And now for the FAQs:
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sootfoot5 said...

I just love a giveaway! Thanks Beadweaver!

Anonymous said...

Hi -

I really enjoy your blog & this is a cool give-a-way. I'm on your list; which you said automatically enters me.

I already have this book (LUV it) - so please remove my name from the running. That way someone else can enjoy it.

Candys in Oklahoma Bead of My Heart

SuzyQ said...

Thank you Candys!