Thursday, August 18, 2011

Armando's Steel Horizon

Sometimes brilliance takes a little getting used to.

I remember first seeing Armando's Steel Horizon while passing through Redding, California on my way to Mt. Shasta. I'd heard about the "metal trees" but didn't know what to look for. Cell phone towers? Christmas trees? One friend told me "Look for the palm trees along I-5" to which I replied "Seriously? You mean those cheap metal cutouts you can buy at CostCo?"

When you see his work for the first time, you might ask yourself "What's all the hype about?". Ahhh, but see it twice or see it at night and you will become a Believer.

I live in a place that boasts the first U.S. Santiago Calatrava architectural sculpture....otherwise known as the Sundial Bridge. Its massive steel structure is painted white and rises high above the treeline. The bridge is a pedestrian glass bridge - yes, glass and steel - and it's magnificent. So it's only fitting that amongst us lives an artist who works brilliantly with an acetylene torch.

Please enjoy the following video on his work and feel free to copy my post to your blog, iphone, twitter, and whatever else account you'd like to share it on. You can click on the title above to see Armando's website and other artworks. And if you live in the area, will you join me in meeting this artist on Saturday, September 10th when he opens up his home to host a fundraiser for the Cascade Theatre?


(PS - Yes, I know. No beads. But it's Art and it nourishes the Soul.)