Thursday, September 29, 2011

Play On...

I come from a long history of women artists in my family: one of my grandmothers practiced the traditional crafts - she was a master quiltmaker when she wasn't busy working as a farmer. My other grandmother was more "formally" trained and designed clothing for Broadway as well as ceramic ware for department stores in New York City. She taught art in the public schools, developed community art programs, and sold her paintings in galleries. My mom was a professional singer and my aunt, a writer and graphic designer. It is not surprising then that growing up in this environment fostered a strong desire in me to create.

When I entered high school I'd already been exposed to the medium of clay - my first firing was when I was 5 years old. High School was the first time, however, that ceramics was offered as a course. I enrolled every semester. While my focus now is weaving and beadwork, I am frequently drawn to other disciplines - paper, glass, photography... I find my inspiration in the works of others. And one thing I find to be true: while the mediums may be different, we, as artists, share a common journey along the way.

Please enjoy this reprieve from your daily work as we venture into the world of "potting":

PLAY ON: Kick Wheels

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Another Africa

Beautiful Samburu warriors adorned with traditional beadwork make their way to New York City. Click on the title above!
Photo by Billy Kidd (you will be redirected to his site if you click on it).