Sunday, November 06, 2011

Bead Crochet Snakes

I was fortunate this weekend to come across an old Turkish beaded snake....Measuring 5 feet in length, 1.5 - 2 inches in diameter, and crocheted in size 8 seed beads. It is a beautiful piece of art. It was made in 1919 and the side reads "Turkish Prisoners 1919". Curious about the origins of this style of work, I googled "Turkish bead snake" and came across a link to a website:

The author of the website, Adele Recklies, has written a book about the history of these snakes called Bead Crochet Snakes. Did you know that POWs wove these snakes to trade for food? Click on the title above to read more about these highly collectible items and to find links to more information.  Enjoy!

PS: Adele also offers her book on Etsy!


Jeanne Evans said...

Susan, you are one lucky duck to have found an original prisoner-beaded snake! They are hard to come across and I envy Adele for the ones she has. Her book is a great read, history-wise, and also great pages on the snakes to create. Thanks for this post.

sootfoot5 said...

think how hungry you would be by the time you finished beading that long of a snake!

SuzyQ said...

Thank you! I have been repairing the snake since this post. The threads are cotton and a little bit rotted and there was an old, poorly done repair which I had to take apart. All better now! Interesting to note that the snake can be repaired using brick stitch as the beads line up similarly - for anyone out there who might face the same situation.
I just ordered Adele's book. I love beaded snakes so this will be fun!

Elizabeth Reeder said...

Just found Suzy Q's comment. Are you still collecting and repairing? I am both collector and repairer.I have a major old snake in 10 pieces I am about to repair and would love to compare notes. I live in London UK. Where are you?