Thursday, March 08, 2012

Enjoy The Ride

I've been sidetracked for two years now. I haven't left beads entirely - that would be a sin - but I've been experimenting with other forms of expression. There was a story last night on PBS... discussing how in painting, one spends years mastering the necessary skills  and once those are achieved one is left only with creativity. I agree, but only partially. We spend years learning, mastering, with the hopes that one day we will create the perfect vision. The problem is that when we arrive, we are off on another adventure. That is to say, we can never arrive. One does not stop eating just because one has grown. 
Fingerling Brooch: paper, beads, aluminum: drilled, dapped, riveted, knitted, enameled

❤ It is not the destination but the journey that counts ❤