Thursday, September 06, 2012

Revere Academy Bead Scholarship

Have you always wanted to learn to work with metals? Unsure of where to start? The Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts has a Beader Scholarship available for U.S. beaders to visit their studios and take their Fabrication 1 course. It's a GREAT opportunity for those of you who are interested. I garauntee this course will take you to the next level with your beadwork, if metals are something you have been considering.

The winner receives an all-expenses-paid scholarship from anywhere in the US to San Francisco, including air, lodging, tuition and fees for Fabrication 1: Beginning class.

How can I speak so highly of the Revere Academy? Because I took the Fabrication course.  I also took the Fabrication 2 course with Yas Tamaka! ALL of the classes were amazing. I can't say enough about this opportunity. So if you want it, apply for it!

Last year, Sigrid Wynn Evans was the recipient. Follow in the footsteps of great beaders and be next! Applications are due October 15th. Here is a direct link to Revere's site where you can find out about how to apply: