Thursday, May 30, 2013

#Tambour: It's Not Just For Haute Couture!

I have long been interested in Tambour beading. It's the technique of choice for Francois Lesage and is considered the most economical form of embroidery - whether using threads, sequins, or beads. We haven't seen this technique take hold amongst beadweavers yet, but I suspect we're on the verge.

Take a moment to be inspired by these three videos on the form and if you're interested, check out the links I've attached below. (Please note: Since the production of the first video below (2009), Francois Lesage has passed away. I've included it because it is an excellent overview of his craft).

To learn more about this technique, visit the following websites:
Ecole Atalier Broderie:

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Pinterest: Now Showing on eBay!

Sadly, all good and beautiful and unique things must come to an end. eBay, the global internet giant, has adopted Pinterest's layout for it's front page. Check it out yourself. While it might make the browsing interesting and fun (sign in to see what they have selected for you), it also hits a nerve with me: that nothing online is sacred.

I love Pinterest. If you don't know about it, it's a lovely website where you can create design boards of your favorite images across the web. It's great for beading because it draws inspiration from all over the globe. I have a small board on Pinterest which you can check out here:

What I don't love is when another company tries to cash in on someone else's product. Without going in to detail here, it's rather rampant in the jewelry industry (ever notice how, if someone comes up with a great idea - such as using eyeballs for jewelry - it suddenly appears everywhere?). But it's worse when the very companies who dominate the global internet experience run off with some small enterprise's great idea. Yah, that's not progress. That's ripping off the little guy. At least in my book.

So yah, eBay has enriched everyone's shopping experience by copying Pinterest. At least in my eyes. Maybe I am wrong. Go look. And feel free to tell me what you think.