Thursday, May 30, 2013

#Tambour: It's Not Just For Haute Couture!

I have long been interested in Tambour beading. It's the technique of choice for Francois Lesage and is considered the most economical form of embroidery - whether using threads, sequins, or beads. We haven't seen this technique take hold amongst beadweavers yet, but I suspect we're on the verge.

Take a moment to be inspired by these three videos on the form and if you're interested, check out the links I've attached below. (Please note: Since the production of the first video below (2009), Francois Lesage has passed away. I've included it because it is an excellent overview of his craft).

To learn more about this technique, visit the following websites:
Ecole Atalier Broderie:


Louise Hill said...

Thank you so much for posting these videos about tambour beading, they are fantastic!!

Beady Zoo said...

Thank you for this post. Tambour is definitely on my list of techniques to learn and use. The Robert Haven / Interweave pdf file is especially helpful for demonstrating the stitching technique.
Kathy B

SuzyQ said...

You're welcome! Yah, it's pretty cool stuff!